Les inscriptions au 3ème stage international Roland Dyens de Narbonne sont ouvertes (22 au 29 octobre 2016)
Posted on Mar 09 2016
Ce nouveau rendez-vous est plutôt à l'adresse des guitaristes de haut niveau, mais pas exclusivement. On y travaillera dans une ambiance conviviale et les concerts seront gratuits pour les participants. Quant au cadre il est parfaitement adapté aux besoins des musiciens.
Alors rejoignez-nous sans tarder car les places sont limitées ! Pour information et/ou inscription cliquez ici:
Download: bulletin d'inscription.

Applications are now being accepted for the 3rd Roland Dyens International Guitar Workshop of Narbonne, south of France (Oct. 22 to 29, 2016)
Posted on Mar 09 2016
This new annual get-together is primarily - but not exclusively - for advanced guitarists. It'll provide a great working ambiance with quality coaching plus the concerts are free for participants. The surroundings and facilities are just perfectly suited to the needs of musicians.
Don't delay sending in your application since the openings are limited. For more information and registration materials, click here
Download the registration form.

Le double cd des Chansons françaises vient de ressortir!
Posted on Nov 12 2015

Après de longues années de disparition des bacs, le double cd contenant les 26 chansons françaises arrangées et jouées par Roland Dyens vient à peine de ressortir, ceci à l`initiative d`Olivier Saltiel, professeur de guitare au Conservatoire de Narbonne et Directeur artistique du Stage International de guitare de cette même ville.

Infos pour se procurer cet enregistrement: se rendre dans la rubrique Recordings.

Roland Dyens is on the cover of US Guitar Mag Classical Guitar this month
Posted on Sep 25 2015

Finally ! Two books of "Les 100 de Roland Dyens" are now available at Productions d'OZ !
Posted on Sep 11 2014

L'intégrale des 100 de Roland Dyens est enfin publiée chez d'Oz!
Posted on Sep 11 2014

Coming out
Posted on May 20 2013

No matter where I go in the world, many questions are put to me during my master classes and after concerts. Often incisive, these questions probe my vision of composition, my approach to sound, my ideas concerning technique, and indeed the very future of the guitar. However, there is one question that I swear is asked of me more often than all others put together - a genuine FAQ - and this is it: How do you pronounce your name? 

Existential, n’est-ce pas? Nevertheless, after a prolonged and cruel silence, I am resolved at last to Come Out. How do you pronounce my name? Here we go: 

With Roland, my first name, one does NOT pronounce the final "d" (i.e. ROW-LAHN). Conversely, the final "s" in Dyens IS pronounced (i.e. DEE-AHNZ). No need to feel complicated or embarrassed just because Paris, for instance, is pronounced PA-REE. Oui, French is a marvellous and romantic language, but logical? Not so much.

So... too difficult? too much to contemplate? I think not. Click here and repeat after me. A little practice is required. C'est tout. 

Whew. It's important that things be clear between us, don’t you think?


Warmly to all (my non-francophone friends in particular),

Rolan(d) DyenS 

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> A Night in Tunisia - Roland Dyens
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